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Prospective Students

The focus of SoCAL U is the training of men and women who are involved in local church ministry and are called, or are beginning to sense a call, to serve more fully and effectively as servant leaders in and through the local church.  Emphasis is on providing accessible, affordable and applicable training to those who are potential pastors and/or have a proven local church ministry either as lay leaders or vocational staff.

  • Accessible: intensive-type schedules with one-night-a-week courses and weekend seminars.
  • Affordable: modest tuition fees plus reasonable materials costs
  • Applicable: practical training and personal mentoring with application to ministry.   

An application process (accompanied by a non-refundable application fee) is required for entrance which includes recommendations by a local church pastor or pastoral staff member and a local church or community lay leader. Applicants must have a high school diploma, GED or equivalent.        

Mission Statement

The mission of SoCAL U School of Ministry is to equip and empower men and women who are called to serve the local church, establish new churches, serve cross-culturally or develop marketplace ministry. 


SoCAL School of Ministry is a certified local church  based training institution of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, centrally located in the SoCAL District.


The goal is ministry training and certification rather than a focus on degree  completion.  However, SoCAL School of Ministry maintains a relationship with LIFE Pacific College (San Dimas, California) and The King's University (Southlake, Texas). Specific details and requirements are handled on a case-by-case basis. 

This program fulfills the minimum standards of Biblical and Theological training necessary for the Foursquare licensing process in the SoCAL District. 



Fees and tuition are modest. The application fee for admission is $50.00 and $50 per unit (or $1250 if you pay for the year) for the 27-unit Christian Ministry Certificate program. Auditors pay 50% of credit tuition costs.   For more information please see the course catalog.

Payment plans for tuition are available. Students can pay once per trimester,  twice per trimester, or three times per trimester.  Three payments will incur a $10.00 convenience fee. 


All fees and tuition must be paid upon completion of the program. The deadline for a refund of tuition is the second week of each trimester upon written request to the Administrative Dean.

Catalog and Application

In order to enroll in our school you will need to fill out an application form.  The application form and course catalog are available by clicking the links below.

Registration Deadlines

  • August 18th for the Fall Trimester (Sept 5 - Dec 2)
  • December 12  for the Winter Trimester (Jan 2 - Mar 31)
  • March 31  for the Spring Trimester (Apr 10 - June 30)


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SoCAL U School of Ministry

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Campus Address

SoCAL U School of Ministry

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